Many patients with retinitis pigmentosa suffer from severe vision loss caused by a degeneration of photoreceptors, the cells in the retina responsible for vision. The new drug therapy under investigation is a stem-cell based therapy that is being studied to see if it may slow or reverse the vision loss caused by the degeneration of the photoreceptors.

Up to 33 subjects will be enrolled in this study within the United States, Spain, and the United Kingdom.  Qualified subjects will receive treatment with the investigational new drug. There are a total of 17 required study visits at The Oxford Eye Hospital over the course of the 24-month study.  Qualified participants will receive all study medication and eye exams at no-cost and will be reimbursed per study visit for their travel.

Retinal image comparison showing a patient with retinitis pigmentosa against a normal retina.

Patients must meet the following key entry criteria to qualify for the study: 

• Be over 18 years of age

• Have clinical diagnosis of RP

• Have good general health as defined by:

• Normal bloodwork and no presence of HIV, hepatitis B, or hepatitis C

• No history of malignancy (except non-melanoma skin cancer, history of pre-malignant conditions, and cancer in situ)

• Medically fit enough to undertake eye surgery which may require general anaesthesia

• Not pregnant, nursing, or planning a pregnancy

• Be willing and able to attend all scheduled clinical assessments, ability to communicate well with the investigator and to comply with the expectations of the study.

Please see flyer below for more information regarding recruitment.