Jonathan Brett, Research Photographer

Jonathan is a Research Photographer at the Oxford Eye Hospital where he has been based since 2004. His main area of interest include capturing high quality ophthalmic images of patients enrolled on clinical trials. He has had articles published in the British Journal of Photography and the ophthalmic images he has taken have featured on the cover of The Scientific Journal of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists 27 times, including being commissioned to produce the 30th anniversary cover. He has also been recognised for the quality of his work with 30 imaging awards both nationally and internationally including the 2016 Taylor and Francis award for an article evaluating the use of wide field imaging for documentation of choriodal naevus and the Royal Photographic Society 2017 Scientific imaging competition where he was awarded a silver medal. Recent achievements also include being awarded the Gabriel Donald Graphics Award in 2019. Jonathan is also responsible for producing graphics work for the department, including patient information leaflets, corporate logo design, medical posters and website design. He is also interested in videography, producing an explanatory guide to using an Ophthalmoscope used for Oxford University Medical School, patient information film explaining the procedure of fundus fluorescein angiography and documenting the results of retinal implant patients on location in Oxford. Recently he has explored the uses of virtual reality in healthcare and has produced a number of short films using this technology which accompanied a talk he gave at the Institute of Medical Illustrators in 2018.