Aleena Viepadan, Gene Therapy Trial Coordinator

Aleena Viepadan joined the Eye Research Group in June 2019 as the Gene Therapy Trial Coordinator.  She graduated from Queen Mary University with Medical Genetics BSc and Stem Cell Therapy MSc from University of Nottingham. Prior to joining ERGO, Aleena started working in clinical trials for a private company as a Project Associate and gained experience coordinating multiple clinical trials worldwide. At ERGO, Aleena coordinates the Gene Therapy Trials on Retinitis Pigmentosa and Choroideremia under Prof. MacLaren working alongside Anna Rudenko and Brian McCann. She is interested in learning more about Ophthalmology and has adapted her role; training to conduct microperimetry and vector shedding. Aleena is a NIHR Research Champion, promoting research within the hospital and to patients and public.