Xolaris (X-linked RP observational study)

Purpose of the Study:

The main purpose of this study is to assess/measure how X-linked retinitis pigmentosa develops over time. This information will be used to understand how quickly X-linked retinitis pigmentosa progresses and help advance understanding of the ways that disease progression can be measured; knowledge of the disease will help to build future drug development programs. It is planned that 200 participants at approximately 20-25 hospitals/centres (sites) will be enrolled into the study, which is conducted across the world. This is a 2 year study recruiting in Oxford from early 2018.


Patients diagnosed with XLRP (with RPGR mutation)

Male and >= 16 years of age

Additional inclusion criteria are applicable depending on the results of various clinical tests. We would be happy to review potentially eligible patients in the clinic to provide further details. A written referral from the patient’s GP or hospital consultant would be required.

Still open to recruitment.