Ret Gen

New technology is revolutionising our understanding of the genetic causes of eye disease, but it produces large amount of complicated data, and to understand the data properly we need to start working in partnerships.This research will involve genetic testing of DNA from patients and their relatives. Children and adults would be recruited and there could also be family members affected, but only those with the condition would be directly recruited.

The research will be carried out across a group of four sites, and has three main objectives:

1. Finding new disease causing genes

2. Increasing the number of patients we can diagnose

3. Improved data sharing.

We aim to work towards a national database for genetic eye disease. This will lead to a number of other benefits, including, improving the ways that genetic eye disease is diagnosed and helping to give more people access to genetic testing. Sharing of data will lead to the development of a database of patients with a known genetic cause for their eye disease, making it easier to recruit to future clinical trials, which may in the future include treatments.