This trial will investigate ocular (eye) and systemic (whole body) safety and tolerability using the active trial drug BI 765128, which will be administered to treat Diabetic Macular Ischaemia (DMI) for which no approved treatment currently exists.
DMI is a condition that can have significant impact on vision. Low oxygen levels caused by DMI may damage the retina (light-sensitive layer at the back of the eye where images are formed

The study will recruit people affected by DMI with visual loss and is planned to investigate up to 3 rising doses (3-6 Participants per dose group) of BI 765128.BI 765128 will be injected inside one eye.
The trial will be conducted in two parts; Part A (Single Rising Dose) and Part B (Multiple Dosing) with 13 Participants planned in the UK (Part A + Part B)

Part A will last approximately 18 weeks with 8 visits to the trial site
Part B will last approximately 24 weeks with 7 or 8 visits to the trial site.